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Karel Jerie graduated from the Václav Hollar School of Fine Arts in Prague, and from the Academy of Fine Arts (painting). He started his comic career in the Pot magazine, and his stories have appeared in magazines like Host, Novy prostor, Crew, AARGH!, Zkrat and Bedeman, in the anthologies Inseminátor and O (ne)mrtvych jen dobré and in publications issued in Poland and Ukraine. On a regular basis he publishes his strips in the Deník newspaper and illustrates the A2 weekly, Ikaria, Lidové noviny and others. He made several educational comics for the company Clovek v Tísni. He has published the comics albums 'Sifra mistra Hanky' (together with Tomás Hibi Matejícek) and 'Oidipus Rex'. His oil paintings appear in many collective and individual exhibitions. (Text from Lambiek.)

Karel Jerie (born 16 March 1977 in Prague, Czech Republic) is a Czech painter, illustrator and comics author.


1993 – 1997 Václav Hollar School of Fine Arts in Prague

1999 – 2005 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU) (Prof. Antonín Střížek and Prof. Michael Rittstein )


1st award in category of Professionals at the Comics Festival Lodz, Poland, 2008


SVU Mánes (Society of Artists – Mánes)

Seqence (Public Benefit Organization to Support of Comics)


Comics and ilustrations for magazines: Aargh! Pot, Zkrat, Crew, Bedeman, Ikarie, Reflex, A2, Nový Prostor, Komiksfest! Revue, Deníky Bohemia, E15, Mladá Fronta, etc.

Karel Jerie, book of paintings, Němeček - Gallery, 2006

The King Oidipus, graphic novel, Garamond, 2007

The Hanka Code, graphic novel, Garamond, 2007 


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